How to Write an Effective Job Description that Attracts Great Candidates

Published On : January 4, 2019

Key to Write a Great Job Description

With today’s increasing rush in finding the right talent, recruiters need to pull out all the magical tips and tricks from their hat to find the right talent to fill a position. While this doesn’t mean squeezing out a chunk of the amount from the company’s budget to hire another person in the recruitment section or investing in some expensive ways to tackle the issue; sometimes such issues revisiting a very basic concept – writing good job descriptions.

Job descriptions, undoubtedly, are the first point of contact between the company and the candidate; so it’s well worth the time to write it effectively. Job descriptions are one of the most potent recruiting tools by the company as this will give the candidates the required information to ascertain whether it’s the right profile for them. A well-written job description is enough to get a candidate excited about the company.

Let’s see how to write a good job description that attracts the right talent:


4 Keys to Writing a Good Job Description


1.  Do your Job Analysis Rather Well

You can’t end up writing a great job description unless you are unaware of what the job entails. The best step in this regard is to get in sync with the hiring manager and get an insight on the right profile. Speak to other team members and try to learn the day-to-day job responsibilities of the said position. If the slot is currently occupied by someone, take cues from the person too.

Do a little market research on what your competitors are writing in a job description and what is the workable salary structure and benefits for the said profile. It’s very important you do this all to make sure you are not lagging behind in writing good job descriptions and finding great talent.


2.  Explain the Significance of the Job

Job seekers today aren’t looking for a regular workplace where they come in, do the grime, and punch out. They are increasingly looking for a place where they can have a two-way beneficial relationship; and it’s up to you to paint this picture for them.

Research on some of the most crucial parts of the job profile and list them into the job description. These include:

·         Tie the role to the company’s mission and culture

·         Mention any major milestone company is looking to achieve in future

·         Exciting projects candidate will be put on

·         New technologies candidate will be trained on

·         Collaboration with higher-ups

·         Contribution towards major strategic initiatives


3.  Scale the Requirements

Although it’s necessary to sit down with the hiring manager and taking his inputs on the required skills and background a candidate should possess. But it’s your responsibility to narrow them down to the absolute musts. When candidates glance over a long list of unrealistic job requirements, they are immediately off the hook for the said profile.

It’s logical to keep the content real, achievable, and necessary. Categorize the fields according to necessary fields and preferred fields while removing the fluff content completely.


4.  Put Focus on Your Company Culture

Job descriptions aren't placed to just tell candidates on what to bring to the table but also making them look forward to the amazing culture the company has to offer. It’s always recommended to include an “About Us” section where you can talk about the company culture, what it does, how it operates, and what makes it the best company to work for.

Focus on the unique value proposition that the company offers and no one else does, professional development, and incredible perks and benefits of working there.