A Definitive Guide on Employee Exit Interview Questions & Answers

Published On : January 21, 2019

Is Employee Exit Interview Really Important?

So an employee in your workforce is leaving and you want to have a one-on-one with him. A worker who is leaving the organization is a great source of information and what better is an employee exit interview to collate this information into useful retention insights.


Employee exit interviews are a catalyst in identifying a potential weakness in your business, more so if there is a recurring trend in all the separations. Although you may not prevent staff from leaving, the least you can do is to ask them the reason for leaving. The exit interview questions and feedback gives you an insight into your company’s culture and helps you implement a plan of action to increase staff retention and saving big bucks for your company.


Sample Employee Exit Interview Questions and Answers

To make the most of the employee exit interviews, we’ve collated a list of sample exit interview questions and answers to ask the parting employees.


1.  What made you began looking for a new job?

This is one of the most important exit interview questions to ask. Asking this exit interview questions will open the doors to plenty of potential reasons an employee encountered while at the present job.

You may find that the employee was finding the office commute difficult and longer, wanted a job close to home, a certain instance or individual that triggered him to look for a new job. A nagging company policy may also be one of the reasons.


2.  What led you to accept the new position at another organization?

This is a good exit interview question to ask as it would help you compare your company’s position with a different one. The answer to this exit interview question will give you an insight into what actually your company is lacking. If an employee answers they’re leaving for a higher pay package, this throws light on the fact that your company isn’t offering a competitive salary.


3.  Did you feel that you were better equipped to perform your job responsibilities?

If you want to retain the next person you’re going to hire for the open job position, you must ask this exit interview question from the leaving employee. The answer to this exit interview question will get you a proactive response like technology woes, inadequate training, incompetent resource tools, and more. Utilize the information to do better next time.


4.  How would you explain the culture of this company to a stranger?

As you collect and analyze employee exit interviews, look out for trends that hide being the real concerns. I’m not saying that answers to these exit interview questions aren’t biased based on a leaving employee’s negative point of view or a spur of emotions. The responses to this question will help you separate legitimate concerns with those sheer perceptions.


5.  What could have been done to prevent you from leaving?

There can’t be a more direct exit interview question than this one. Asking this openly and in good spirits allows a parting employee to give you a more honest opinion than before. Obviously, the aim of asking this exit interview question isn’t to avert the leaving by fulfilling their demand but to take an action in the future.


6.  If you could go back and change anything about the job position or the company, what would you’ve changed?

It’s not about what you are asking but how you are asking that makes a lot of difference. This exit interview question will shift an employee’s focus from complaint to the suggestion which a person feels more comfortable providing. This is the best non-confrontational way to encourage them to reveal the real reason behind their departure.


7.  Were you satisfied with the management while at work?

Asking this particular exit interview question from a parting employee is extremely important as more than often, it is seen that a management’s wrong policy or a cold attitude towards employees welfare is the reason behind an employee leaving. Analysis of the answer to this question will help you tackle real problems in the organization’s management.


8.  Would you consider coming back here in the future?

Ask your leaving employees if they would ever consider coming back. They might be leaving because of a different work profile being offered or a pay raise. Regardless of the situation, this is a great piece of information to have if multiple profiles open up in the future.


In Nutshell

An exit interview process is crucial for employers as it gives them an insight into the real problems the organization might be having and are going unnoticed. Honest and open feedback helps them identify those concerns and improve upon to retain the future talent.

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