Factors responsible for stress in the workplace

Published On : October 30, 2018

Feeling stressed at the workplace is normal but excessive stress is an ominous sign. It not only affects your productivity and performance but also your health. And, most of the time it means the difference between success and failure on the job. According to a survey, work-related stress is the second most common illness in Australia. This work-related stress can cause Fatigue, Muscular tension, Headaches, Heart palpitations, Depression, anxiety and many more. But, what are the factors responsible for stress in the workplace? To understand this, we need to look at the following issues that have been identified as a potential stressor at the workplace.


1. High Workload- A feeling of ‘rush’ is a universal cause of job stress. Most of the time, managers and team leaders want the task to be finished earlier than the deadline. But, deadlines are unrealistic and makes people feel rushed, under pressure and depressed. And, besides all these, ever-changing level of pressure in the work environment becomes a major cause of stress for people.


2. Job insecurity- The fear of losing the job can also become a major cause of stress. And, those who were able to retain their job are required to work overtime. Moreover, when performance demands are high, the situation becomes a roller coaster where pressure rises and drops every moment.


3. Workplace relationships- Unhealthy relationship with co-workers and supervisors can become a cause of stress for any employee. If the manager is not understanding then the graph of tension automatically increases. Besides these, discrimination, lack of trust, bad behavior, the absence of mechanism left out employee frustrated and dissatisfied.


4. Poor response mechanism- Poor response mechanism inside the organization becomes the cause of depression and stress for the employees. Stress is also magnified if employees perceive that their concerns are neglected. The lower the level of trust between the employer and employees, the higher will be the level of stress inside the organization.


5. Your roles & responsibilities- A person who answers one supervisor feel less stressed to the one who answers more than one supervisors. Hence, role ambiguity can also result in stress. In other cases, if someone is unclear about their roles and responsibilities that can also enhance the stress level.


Stress at the workplace is something that can impact us daily if nothing works and the working environment remains stressful then exercise your avoidance option and get a new job.