First Week at a New Job? 8 Best Tips to Succeed in Your New Job

Published On : December 4, 2018

First Week at a New Job?

The first week at a new job can be quite overwhelming. You've just entered a new place at work and trying to figure out a lot of things wondering what your day to day responsibilities are, how canny or nasty your new boss might get, how friendly are the new colleagues and a lot more.

While your mind may be wandering wrapping a lot of things around your brain to process all the information HR has just briefed you about. As you are trying to get settled, here are our 8 best tips to survive the first week at a new job and succeed:


8 Best Tips to Nail That First Week at a New Job

1.         Listen Attentively (Even if your mind is racing like a unicorn)

Be prepared to be receiving a ton of new information. It's quite understandable to get nervous at times with the little voices playing inside your head, judging every move you make. But you got to deal this with utter patience and focus your wandering mind on the information to process it properly.


Nobody expects you to understand everything on the first day itself but keeping yourself present at the moment, physically and mentally, will help you hold your horses and calm your nerves. The best tip to survive the first week at a new job is to just listen and focus on the responsibilities you're going to be entrusted with.


2.         Make Eye Contact

While walking past the corridor or entering the cafeteria, all eyes may be you being the new face and averting them might seem tempting but trust me, it's not. Try being bolder and make eye contact, introduce yourself wherever possible and strike a little conversation to help you get familiar with the people and the environment.


You're going to be meeting these people possibly every day and it always feels better to have a familiar face around. Try conversing with the guy setting up your computer about the work environment or asking how his day goes by. A little gesture goes a long way in securing new friends during the first week of a new job.


3.         Don't Pretend You Know it All!

It's a basic human instinct to not being seen as someone unaware of the smallest things like where is the copier or way to the dining hall or restroom. The quick tip to first week at a new job is to don't get apprehensive asking for the information. You can ask the HR, look for directions around, or ask the buddy in the next cubicle.

You need to be mindful of their time while throwing a volley of questions at them, or better still, if you need to get a lot of information, ask the person for a lunch with you.


4.         Keep Scribbling

As basic as it may sound - keep a notebook to keep writing down the important information that you may need to reckon later. If you've been asked to sit with someone to understand some process or system, don't forget to take notes. Asking the same information again after a day might put you in a bad light, careless perhaps.


5.         Don't Be the Last or First While Coming or Leaving

The first week at a new job is all about making and leaving impressions and exhibiting your commitment to being an asset to the new company is detrimental to the coming few months. Make sure you aren't the last person to come to the office or the first one to leave. Doing so will make people think you're serious and dedicated toward the new job and are not just clocking in and out.

Same is for team meetings and communications happening within the workplace.


6.         Don't Wear Earplugs, I repeat, Don't!

While you are alone in a room and filling up tonnes of paperwork, it might seem tempting to put on your earplugs to listen to the music as that was kind of permissible at your previous workplace. But trust my words on tips for the first week at a new job - DON'T PLAY THE MUSIC!

Make sure you aren't being tuned out in the first week of a new job as someone frivolous and non-professional.


7.         Take a Note of Other People's Routines

While you may be meeting a lot of new people at the first week of the new job, it's important to pay close attention to your boss's daily routine or how the other members in your team are performing. This will let you get a hang of what high performers in your company are doing to take cues from it and incorporate the same in your daily routine.


8.         Send a Consolidated Status Report at the End of the Week

While there are many tips to survive the first week at a new job, this is surely the most important amongst all. Sending a status report to your manager is a great way, to sum u,p your entire week. Make sure you have touched upon everything you've accomplished during the week, any question you might have to ask your boss, and the intended plan chalked out for the next week.

Not just that will impress your boss but will also make you seem a pretty organized and proactive team player and eager to succeed in your new job.

Remember, it takes weeks and months to get accustomed to a new workplace, so the best tip for the first week at work is to take it easy, slow, and take it all in. don't rush into anything but be aware of your actions and behavior along the way as that makes or breaks your first impression in the new office. For more such career advice, tips to succeed at the new job, keep visiting FairDrill.