9 Best Group Discussion Tips to Nail Any GD

Published On : April 15, 2019

Group Discussion Tips to Know

Group discussion comes into play when the interview panelists want to check on a potential recruit’s communication abilities. Communication and group discussion skills are two traits every recruiter wants to assess in a candidate before hiring to check on his capability to communicate effectively.


The formal round usually starts by filling up a room with potential recruits and given a common topic to discuss on for a set time frame. The candidates are then assessed on the basis of their communication skills, knowledge of the topic, respect for the other members, and presence of mind.


Ask any college student and he/she would dread the group discussion round in the entire recruitment process. But fear not! We’ve compiled some great group discussion tips for you to excel in any group discussion and get more score, whether you’re a fresher looking for an internship or a professional eyeing a lucrative job opportunity.


1.  Body Language is Extremely Crucial

Need I say that the first impression is the last impression and you ought to make a good one! So the basic group discussion tips advocate sitting up straight, looking everyone in the eye while speaking your side and listening attentively while others are speaking. Don’t make rigorous hand movements or talk in an aggressive tone.


Never ever fiddle with the pen or mobile or anything in your hand while others are speaking. Don’t look blankly at the ceiling even if you don’t understand what others are discussing. Just look at them speaking and show that you’re alert, even if you have to pretend.


2.  Show Courtesy to Your Fellow Speakers

Another group discussion tips say that one of the most desired traits that interview panelists look for is team spirit. It’s understandable to get a little carried away while discussing something you’ve a strong opinion about but make sure you’re courteous to others in the group. Don’t interrupt anyone while speaking and wait for your turn to speak. Stay away from negative connotations like “I disagree” or “That’s incorrect.”


Instead use milder forms of disagreement like:

·         I beg to differ here….

·         Looking at it from another perspective….

·         Adding another angle to what you just contributed….


3.  Stay Confident & Keeping Adding Value

Okay, so you had a point in your head and were just about to say that when you realize it’s stolen by some other member. The guy is screaming his lungs out to make a point. You feel you’re going to lose your grip but hold on, don’t panic and behave as if nothing has happened. Come up with a different point and jump right back into the discussion. You might not realize but the panelists judge candidates over their reaction to such tense situations.


4.  Start the Discussion Confidently

If you believe that the group discussion topic is to your liking and you have a lot to contribute, great, jot the points down and don’t be afraid to start the discussion, when asked. This group discussion tip comes from the panelists. Being a beginner, it is to your advantage to take the discussion to a meaningful point of your choice.


5.  Practice at Mock GDs Beforehand

One group discussion tips no one will tell you about is to prepare yourself by participating in mock GDs beforehand. Doing so will open up your mind to diverse topics; notice your strengths and shortcomings. Practice in front of a mirror if you can’t find people to mock drill with you.


6.  Brush Up Your General Knowledge

Next, in the line of group discussion tips suggest brushing up your general knowledge as much as you can. Most of the group discussion topics are lifted from the newspapers based on current events. Read newspapers, magazines, or go on websites to enhance your general knowledge.


7.  Follow the Group Discussion Rules

·         Come fully prepared

·         Know your participant's names

·         Keep a firm stance

·         Lead the discussion

·         Don’t get carried away

·         Don’t use unprofessional language


Hope these group discussion tips were useful to help you prepare for your next interview process. In case, we might have missed something, don’t hesitate to drop in your comments.