5 Issues every HR Deals within Every Company while Hiring.

Published On : July 30, 2018

Human Resources is the pillar of any successful business. In an organization, HR is responsible for creating a work environment that enables people to thrive. Every day they face a new challenge- something only an HR person knows. Steve Wynn has rightly said, “Human Resources isn’t a thing to do. It’s the thing that runs our Business.” But, no one has ever said HR would be difficult, did they? For an HR, there’s always something else screaming for your attention, making each day feels like a constant battle against productivity.


Every HR professional comes up against certain challenges when they are trying to hire a new employee. From not receiving a resume from the candidates with great experience to being unable to shift through applications effectively. So, without further ado, we’re going to highlight the most important HR issues that are being noticed in every organization while hiring process.


  1. Intricate Candidate Queries- It is impossible to predict what the candidate is going to question next. No one can, but it should be remembered that the HR department acts as an interface between the candidate and the business itself. Any issue related to employment should be channeled through HR in order to ensure fairness and a swift resolution.
  2. Searching the Talent is no easier - In this competitive world, finding the right people is incredibly challenging. With more and more candidates deciding to go it alone in a freelance capacity, obtaining talent is perhaps harder than it ever been.  
  3. Not having enough resources for Smart Search- Many HR professionals have to make do with the resources they have, and sometimes there isn’t much to work with. While some place ads across the internet others have to use free job boards to take out space in a more traditional recruiting channel.
  4. Unable to find the perfect candidate for a certain position- HR professionals often see themselves stuck when they aren’t receiving resumes from candidates with the strong background or skills sets needed for the position. Even if the recruiter searches out to passive job seekers, they may hit a brick wall in terms of finding the talent they need.
  5. Attracting top talent to Organisation- During an interview, it is not only the candidate who is trying to best portray himself, HR does the same job on behalf of the organization. In this marketplace, it is now more important to attract the right candidate for the certain position as the talent shortage is making every HR strive to bring in the best talent to the organization.


Now, you are aware of what the hurdles every Hr faces while hiring process, you can formulate plans to jump over them and succeed. Contact FairDrill to develop a strategy that will help you to overcome today’s hiring challenges