How to Know If You've Found the Right Company to Work For

Published On : December 5, 2018

How to Tell If You've Found the Right Company

It can take a while before you find the perfect company to work for! You might have just started in your career or been already around some companies working for a while. There might be some you would have been quite unhappy in while some might have checked all the right boxes for you and you never get bored or feeling stuck at.

It's understandable to look for another job change when you're unhappy or discontented at the present one but the question to ask here - how to know if you've found the perfect company to work for?

Consider the following signs that may tell you've found the right company to work for:

7 Signs You've Found The Right Company to Work For


1.         You Feel Pepped Up Going to Work

All days are not perfect but if going to work seems like a cake walk to you, you're with the right people. Monday blues or dreading going to the work can be tell-tale signs of working for the wrong people or being in the wrong work environment. However, if being on the job and going to office excites you every day, my friend, you are working for the perfect company.


2.         You and Your Company Share Core Common Values

If your company's core values align with your beliefs and values, it's a positive sign that you're working for the perfect company. You feel happy and satisfied with your big or little accomplishments and look forward to the big picture. Your career growth resonates with the company's growth and makes work even more enjoyable for you. While, on the other hand, if that's missing, it gets really difficult to stick around or getting forward with the company.


3.         Challenges Don't Scare You Away

While everyone understands that no company or job is totally perfect, as there may always be roadblocks or challenges that would come in one's way of work. But if you're willing and enthusiastic enough to overcome these hurdles that make your job difficult, you're more likely to grow and stay with the company for long. The point is basically to see the future of the company as well as your long-term goals beyond the hardships.


4.         Work is More Fun

While the popular saying says, "Make your passion your career and you won't have to work a day your life." If you already have a passionate career and going to work seems more like a fun idea, you have found the right company to work for. The ideal job is something that shouldn't be too stressful, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unhappy when you're at it or home. If you're able to work hard, stay happy, and are enjoying yourself; you're in the right place.


5.         Co-Workers are a Delight to Work With

There a few black sheep everywhere, possibly in every company you've worked for. But leaving them apart, if you have a cordial equation with rest of the staff members, you're working for the right company. Being surrounded by like-minded people makes the work enjoyable and make you feel respected and noticed. Working with the people who care about you and doesn't go behind telling stories at your back is tough to find. Hold on to them!


6.         You Love Spreading Words About Your Company

If you always end up telling people about your company, job, and its people - chances are you are quite in love with your company and its people. This is a strong sign that tells you truly believe and care for the work you do and you're so smitten by the company that you want others to take notice of it. If you find yourself talking positively about your job even after business hours, you truly are working for the right company.


7.         You Have an Amazing Work-Life Balance

If you are able to strike a healthy work-life balance, feel happy, energized, and make out time for your family most often on weekends; you've found the right company to work for. The idea behind this is to have a life outside of work and company too and be able to enjoy it fully.