9 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work Even If You Don't Like Your Job

Published On : December 12, 2018

Learn to Stay Motivated and Inspired at Work

Hate Sunday evenings? Monday mornings are too overwhelming? Drag yourself to the office every day for the sake of "salary credited to your account" text every month? Worry not, you are not alone in the herd and we totally feel you.

While you might be in love with your job, people, and the office space. But still, you get hit by the pangs of de-motivation every now and then. A couple of times a week, you find that your motivation levels have sunken far too low and nothing seems to pep you up. You get away with doing low-quality work and you know it's true.

What to do? Luckily, there are ways you can follow to stay motivated at work and perform better while inspiring others. These will be helpful in turning your day from "When will the day end?" to "I am ready to take on the world" in 9 ways. Let's find how to stay motivated at work:


9 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work


1.         Make "Doing Your Best" A Mission

For starters, wrap your head around the commitment to doing your best each day that helps in staying motivated. If you want to do the best you can do at work, you need to commit to being motivated at the workplace and not succumb to the negativity around. Getting your job accomplished in an exceptional manner must always be on your mind.


2.         Set Up Digital Goals

Now that you've made a commitment to keeping yourself motivated at work, let's address the issue of getting the motivation flowing. Touching upon the digital means of getting and staying motivated is one factor many consider important. Trying out commitment trackers online is advisable like GoalsOnTrack or Beeminder. These apps help you define your short and long-term goals and let you be on the track to achieving them.


3.         Make a Compelling To-Do List

Now that you have short and long-term goals defined for yourself digitally, you might just want to set up a to-do list that reminds you of what small or big task needs to be done for the day. Make sure that the tasks on your to-do list are achievable, realistic, and time-framed for better results and staying motivated at work.


4.         Watch As You Tick Off the Items

While making a to-do list might be a tedious job, ticking items off it is extremely pleasurable and motivating. Completing tasks and striking off items give you an adrenaline rush and a great sense of relief while you glance back at them. The best and fool-proof way of staying motivated at work is to make a to-do list every day and follow it religiously.


5.         Take Short Breaks

If your days are jammed with work, right from start to finish, you might forget or find it impossible to take short breaks in between. But studies suggest that it's actually quite refreshing to take small tea breaks or restroom breaks to return to your desk feeling energized.

Every 2 hour or so, get up from your desk to fetch a water refill, talk to your colleague, stretches, or just a small physical walk away from your workstation away from whatever you are doing. The idea is to get a small break and come back feeling recharged.


6.         Ask for Feedback

Don't hesitate to ask for feedback, if you want to stay motivated at work. Feedback can either be scary, or it can be extremely motivating, prepare yourself for both. A good, constructive feedback can give your ego a much-needed boost and you can dwell on it for many days to come.

But if your work is lacking in some way or the other, take it as an opportunity to amp up your work and delivering outstanding results to stay motivated at work.


7.         Take Your Mind Off Uncontrollable Things

While keep worrying about the things beyond your control is not advisable in any aspect of life, work is no exception either. It's better to make a good use of your energy focusing on things you can excel in. to stay motivated at work while meeting deadlines for projects, focus on the results that can be achieved sooner and tackle tricky areas later to work with greater enthusiasm.


8.         Reward Yourself

Bribing yourself is an important tool to stay motivated at work. For instance, if you find making a certain report tedious and uninteresting, attach it with a reward, like an ice cream. Treat yourself with an ice cream once you're finished making the report. Studies suggest that rewarding yourself goes a long way in keeping oneself motivated at work and otherwise.


9.         Rev Up Your Work Closet

Shopping for yourself - you don't have to think twice about doing so. Buying new work wardrobe, accessories, and other stuff help you stay motivated at work and complete your assignments with more focus and diligence. Shopping releases a happy feeling and instantly cheers you up.


Sometimes, it gets tricky to stay motivated at work and we recommend you try out the above tips before things start slipping off hands. These tips are proven to work quickly and you'll find positive changes happening at work and life sooner than anticipated.