Do’s & Don’ts of Tackling a Telephonic Interview

Published On : February 6, 2019

Telephonic Interview – How to Conduct Yourself

So you’ve just got a telephonic interview scheduled from a company you’ve always dreamt of working with. Congratulations! Being gripped by anxiety is understandable as making an impression from a distance over the phone is palpable enough. While many of us don’t know how to conduct in a telephonic interview, don’t you worry, we’ve got your back!


I’ve compiled a series of tips that will help you learn how to sound confident over the phone, how to impress the recruiter with your answers, and how to answer difficult interview questions apart from how to handle a telephonic interview.


Telephonic Interview Tips


1.  Check and Double-Check Interview Details

So you’ve got a telephonic interview scheduled beforehand and must have got the details over email or text. Make sure you check and double-check the interview details like time and date of the call. If the call is scheduled from an overseas location, make sure you calculate the time difference and work out the time as per your local time zone.


Keep the interview details, recruiter’s name, company details, and the concerned email handy while waiting for the call or on the call. Address the recruiter in a formal manner only.


2.  Do Thorough Research

Telephonic interview tips say that telephonic interview is no less than a face-to-face interview. Just as you prepare yourself well for a personal interview, do the same over a telephone as well.


Read well about the job description, company background, research on the profile you’ve applied for, and the key areas mentioned in the job description. Keep yourself informed about the achievements of the company as well.


3.  Keep Your Resume Handy

The best ever telephonic interview tip you’ll hear is to keep your resume handy while being on the call as probably the first interview question you’ll face is “tell me about yourself”. As you keep briefing about you and your profile to the recruiter over the phone, having a resume handy always helps. This ensures you’re not forgetting any crucial point mentioned in your resume.


4.  Prepare a Cheat Sheet

Making an impression overcall may seem daunting but the biggest advantage is that you both can’t see yourself. Make notes on expected interview questions, their answers, and keep them handy with you while attending a telephonic interview. Doing that will make you better prepared for the interview and you’ll end up speaking with so much confidence.


5.  Turn Off Call Waiting

While nobody may not tell you about this telephonic interview tip but having a buzzing call waiting in the background is a complete distraction and disrupts the flow of communication. Always, always turn off the call waiting moments before taking the scheduled telephonic interview call.


6.  Stay Away from Every Other Distraction

This telephonic interview tip comes as a no-brainer. Switch off all possible gadgets and distractions in the background like TV, radio, music, and else. Confine yourself to a quiet place while attending the telephonic interview. If you live with your family, tell everyone beforehand about the scheduled call so that you aren’t distracted by anything.


7.  Be a Patient Listener

Telephonic interview tips are not all about speaking. You got to be a good listener while attending the telephonic interview. Avoid talking in between or interrupting the recruiter and let him finish his question.


Listen patiently, understand the question well, and give crisp answers without dragging any thought. Always keep a pen and paper handy to note down important points.


8.  Thank the Interviewer

Once you’re done with the job of answering all questions, don’t forget to thank the interviewer for his crucial time and considering your profile. Don’t hesitate even once in reiterating your interest in the job and the company. Be courteous, polite, and utterly professional throughout the interview to maximize your chances of getting hired.


What to Avoid in a Telephonic Interview:

·         Don’t reschedule the call a few moments before the scheduled interview call unless there is a dire emergency.

·         Don’t eat, much, drink, or smoke during the interview. Grab a drink and bite moments before the interview.

·         Don’t comment or give out your personal life details, unless specifically asked.

·         Don’t use everyday words and phrases like Let’s see, Hmmmm, You know, Whatever, and more.

·         Don’t take the interview while driving.

·         Don’t put the interviewer on hold.