How to Effectively Handle a Negative Coworker?

Published On : January 15, 2019

Negative Coworker – Unpredicted Challenge

So you’ve landed a job that you truly loved and wanted to be in – you’re lucky. However, in those perfect-looking jobs, life throws us unexpected challenges and dealing with a negative coworker is one of them. There are effective ways to handle a negative coworker that can be practiced to overcome this obstacle. While it might seem that you can never mend a negative coworker’s ways but practicing these tips is sure going to make a lot of difference.


Say it’s a weekday morning and you’re in your best spirits ever. You have just come in at work and enjoying your morning cup of coffee and suddenly out of nowhere, this negative coworker bumps in to your cubicle. You realize this person can’t be positive about anything in life and suddenly after a brief conversation with him, your mood is spoilt. You can’t help but wonder how you got from happy to cranky in less than five minutes.


To ward off this negativity, let’s look at the ways to effectively handle a negative coworker:


7 Ways to Handle a Negative Coworker


1.  Start by Accepting You Can’t Change Their Behavior

The first step in dealing with a negative coworker is by accepting the fact that you really can’t do much about their pessimistic and negative ways. By coming to terms with it, you’re halfway done through already and removing your emotion from the equation is the way to succeed. Try not to react too strongly to their behavior in a way that it starts affecting your behavior leaving you obsessing over it.


2.  Stay Steer Clear of the Office Politics

The certain trait of negative coworkers is getting involved in office gossip and politics in every possible way. Avoid that by every means and dish out a positive way of excusing yourself from this dirt. For instance, if a negative coworker is bad mouthing your shared supervisor and wants your comments, you can excuse yourself saying I’ve some work.


3.  Join the Positive Crew at Work

Probably one of the best ways to handle a negative coworker is avoiding him and joins the positive crew’s group instead. This would not just pump you with enough positive vibes to last through the day but also send subtle yet clear signals to that negative coworker that you’re not paying any heed to their negativity anymore.


4.  Try Not to Overanalyze

This is way easier said than done! Studies reveal that by overthinking and overanalyzing the behavior of negative people, you’re only wasting your valuable time and killing your spirits. You might not ever make sense of the way that certain person behaves so better leave it like that.


5.  Set Your Boundaries

Another sure-fire way of dealing with a negative coworker is by setting up boundaries around yourself with the negative coworker at hand. Boundaries might mean both physical and emotional. Request your manager for a change of workstation or project where you don’t have to listen to the usual gibberish all day.


6.  Direct Them Elsewhere

If you ask me how to deal with a negative coworker, I would straight away suggest directing them elsewhere to take the monkey off your back. You can direct them to HR or their manager saying they have the resolution to all your problems and issues. Basically channelizing their energies elsewhere would do the trick nicely.


7.  When All Else Fails, Slay With Kindness

Just as negativity is contagious, positivity is infectious too. Studies reveal that when all else fails, kill your negative coworker with rays of positivity and countering their every negative remark with a positive perspective. Doing this every day for over a period of time would certainly do “water dripping on the stone” mechanism. The best way to handle a negative coworker is battling the negativity with positive vibes.


Nothing can be more dreadful than going to work every day to be surrounded by a bunch of negative folks hovering over your head. I believe practicing these tips to handle a negative coworker would make you more ease at work.


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