10 Amazing Ways to Strike Perfect Work-Life Balance

Published On : December 19, 2018

How Important Work-Life Balance is?

Work-life balance and quality of life have been getting increasingly popular with today’s working youth. While seeking work-life balance continues to be one of the most crucial factors in choosing a job offer, many companies are constantly evaluating their employee’s mental health and their policies in place to achieve a striking balance.

This breed of working class want it all in their kitty – work, travel, staying fit, eating healthy, family time and their bucket lists.

If you are a working professional whose day goes by in running errands and chasing deadlines, you are practically left with no time to nourish your personal life. This is a real struggle of Generation Y. so why not read some amazing tips on achieving a perfect work-life balance here:


10 Work-Life Balance Tips


1.  Get “Me Time”, Anyhow

Having “me time” is the most important of all work-life balance tips. Having even an hour to yourself every day will work wonders for your mood and work and you’ll be all out, ready to face the world like a boss!


So what should you do in your “me time”? Stick to what you love doing the most – going for a walk, hitting the gym, cooking, watching your favorite movie on Netflix, cuddling with your pet, or whatever random stuff you want.


2.  Go Social

At your funeral, no one will remember how great an employee you were, so make time for your friends, family, and loved ones. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance gets even more important when it comes to relationships. Devote time, go out, socialize, and stay connected anyway even if it means cooking together or going out for a walk together.


3.  Sort and Prioritize

When talking about work-life balance tips, there is no perfect recipe. However, you need to sort out your day and tasks to do to prioritize them according to commitments. Sort and make sure that you allocate adequate time to all important activities in your schedule and postpone or omit the unnecessary ones. Consider keeping an app to remind you of the important tasks to do.


4.  Share With Your Boss

If you feel, at any given point of time, things are getting way out of your hand and you are burdened with work, consider speaking to your boss or manager to let him have a piece of your mind. Chances are he might understand and consider giving you a helping hand or allows you to work from home for some days. Employers are getting increasingly aware of the mental health issues and stress at workplace and may take this on a positive note.


5.  Eat Healthy & Work Out

The hectic schedule takes a toll on your tummy and eating habits first of all. Make sure you don’t let the work stress go to your food. Always keep healthy snacks with you during office hours like nuts, fruits, and salads. Avoid tea and coffee intake and prefer to gorge on fruit juices instead.


Similarly, staying healthy is equally important too. Incorporate small habits in your routine like taking stairs, taking small breaks and walking in office, ditching smoking, do on-desk stretching exercises, and go for a morning walk before starting your day ahead.


6.  Be Organized

Staying organized goes a long way in achieving a healthy work-life balance. Keep your office bag ready before retiring to the bed. Sort your dress in the night itself and keep yourself free of running errands in the morning getting ready. Staying organized will keep your mood elevated and stress-free throughout the day.


7.  Digital Detoxing

If you feel you’re too addicted to your phone or social media, don’t let it affect you while working. Focus on the task at hand and keep the distractions at bay. Talk to your colleagues to know them better rather than surfing Facebook timeline aimlessly. Prefer switching off your gadgets, keeping them on silent mode, or keeping them in a drawer while working.


8.  Take Adequate Sleep

To achieve a healthy work-life balance, adequate sleep plays a really important role. Manage to squeeze in 7-8 hours of sleep every day and keep the distractions away while sleeping. Don’t keep your mobile phone near you and say a little prayer while going to sleep. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, see a therapist.


9.  Find a Job That Best Suits Your Needs

If you feel your current job keeps you occupied and stressed most of the time, it’s time to call it quits. There is no point in staying in a situation that doesn’t make you happy. To achieve a healthy work-life balance, look for such job options that let you have a life outside of work.


10.           Set Realistic Goals & Don’t Compare

There is no such thing as perfect work-life balance, choose what works for you keeps you happy. Set realistic goals for yourself and reward yourself when you achieve them. Don’t cringe over anything that you couldn’t accomplish.


Don’t compare your life with others and end up feeling miserable about yourself. Your life is in a different situation and needs to have a separate solution.


Always aim at thriving, not just surviving in your life. A healthy work-life balance is critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it’s more than work that needs your attention. Family, friends, relationships, hobbies, socializing, keeping fit, and more are equally important too.


Hope these work-life balance tips helped you in some way to start organizing your life. For more such solicit career advice, keep coming back to this place. Reach out to FairDrill here for more.