6 surprising ways in which recruitment equals retention in the employment process

Published On : April 29, 2019

Employment is a professional relationship between the organization and its members with that of the employee who steps fresh into the organization. Every relation whether personal or professional requires some nurture so that it begins well and persists without constraints. The relationship between an employer and an employee has a borderline which is filled with fragile connotations that needs retention at every level. An employer must be transparent about the organization, payroll, perks, incentives, environment and also the job role of the employee in the future. On the other side of the river lies the employee who must be thorough with the job description, organization genre, and reflect their interests to match their current company, beforehand. If all the above-mentioned roles, both the character must be positive reciprocals to each other. There are many vices that may incur losses on both sides, like employee turnover due to the unknown job profile or environment, or the employer firing the former for not being able to deliver quantitative and qualitative expectations and lots more alike.


Caught with Employment Constraints

You must be facing many difficult situations as an employer of the company or an employee seeking out for a job.


Employee Constraints:


  • Most of the times they have no idea about the job profile they are going to pursue along with the limited knowledge about the company
  • They are not prepared with a resume or interview questions that make them sound like a noob
  • They are not able to adjust to the office environment or cope with the work expectations


Employer Constraints:


  • An employer seeks for an employee who learns fast and also copes with the work that is expected from the profile
  • An employer has no whereabouts of the employee’s past job records which makes it difficult for them to visualize and evaluate them
  • If the job description is missing in a job post, then it makes difficult for the employees to understand what exactly is desirable and the employer ends up with incessant interviewing which wastes time and effort of both the former and the latter


Acquiring Solutions for Retention of Employees

Nothing in this world happens in isolation. Thus, if there are problems then the solutions are a must to its rescue. There are many hindrances in the path of the recruiting and retention of the employees to an organization and there are equal solutions to the problems as well.


  1. Job Description is mandatory: Job description with a prominent description of the job profile is necessary on the part of the employing company on various job search platforms. Without knowing what the company goals are, or what the job profile demands, how will the job hoppers get a knack with the eligibility of appearing in the interview if shortlisted.
  2. Rationale must be Uniform: The wants of an employer and an employee appearing must be synchronized. Only when an employer and employee has gone through the requirements and evaluation of the profiles of each other, the job fits right for both the employer and employee.
  3. Comprehension of Communication: Once an employee is appointed in the company by the employer, his or her concerns must be brought into keen focus. There must be clarity in communication on both sides where they can share their concerns and also work to sort out the same when necessary. When communication is comprehensive there is no room for flaws or hindrances in the job place.
  4. Verification is Vital: It is affirmative on the part of employers to verify the professional performance of the appointed employee in their previous workplaces if any, from their peers and seniors to know them better in person apart from their interview assessment. An employee must also research about the place of employment which helps them acquire sufficient information not to question their choice afterward.
  5. Taming Top Training: When an employee attains a designation after getting hired by an organization, there must be a training session which allows them to become a fit for the job and accomplish great results, as expected by the job position. Training must not be discriminated on the grounds of experienced and freshers and must be given to all the employees for a defined tenure so that they become specialized in the same.


Employment is a major role in an organization’s well functioning and needs to be away from all the constraints that hit the employer or employee because they are the ones constituting the workplace. There are some of the solutions that definitely works to bring recruitment and retention in alignment.