Your dull resume can never be your only preface.

Published On : August 6, 2018

After countless hours of pounding the pavement (your keyboard and mouse) on the job search, you’ve found the perfect job for your career path. So, how do you make sure that you will be inside the door?

What an interviewer looks for during an interview, only the interviewer knows. Is there is any secret to figuring out if the interview is going well? Well, no such secret has been unveiled yet. When you’re on the hot seat for an interview, the interviewer is busy watching you and your activities- looking for their own clues. Most of the employee have a mindset that if they carry an attractive resume or use good vocabulary in their resume,  things will get easily sort down or the chances of their getting hired increases.

But an interviewer does not only looks for the resume, this entire document will result in useless if you are unable to conversate. The challenge for today’s job applicants is not competing with so many other applicants but creating a balance of information and their skillset in front of an interviewer.

So, how you can enhance your chances of getting hired. Let me tell you how?


  1. Impeccable Body Language- Are you slouching? Relaxed is good, slouching is bad. Sit up straight, looking professional and yet as possible. Also, be aware of any fidgets or extraneous body movements like tapping your finger or foot. And don’t forget to add a warm smile as you speak.
  2. Practice and Practice- Practice for an interview ahead of time is really important which means spend time looking at what kinds of question might be asked and how to handle them. But when it comes to the interview, listen to the whole question and respond naturally.
  3. Be Confident- Trust yourself and find your own words. Be conversational. It will help you connect with the interviewer, which is what you want to do.
  4. Real self - Use your answer- answers based on truth - to paint the picture of a great match as best as possible.


We at FairDrill understand that every individual is different. Hence, their comfort requirements are also different. We bring you the classic facilities to shine out of the resume. We provide:


  1. Reliable Ratings- We provide Qualitative Ratings to the employee by their past employers, which gives a crystal clear image of the candidate in the professional world and serves as a great help before and during the hiring process.
  2. Valuable Verification Form- A representational tool for showcasing multiple skills & qualitative traits in a digital & attractive manner.
  3. Peer Connection- A peer actually well defines his/her colleague in the best possible way in a working environment, which will eventually help a candidate to showcase their dynamic feedback in an interview.


An organization’s growth resides in the hard work and dedication of its people. We completely understand this, with an immense amount of solutions for your organization, FairDrill has the right answer to help you reach the highest peak of growth